I want to thank all the Big Shiny Robot!s who showed up to represent at the Geek Show's first geek movie night featuring back to back showings of The Wrath of Kahn and The Empire Strikes Back.

Unfortunately, my thanks only extend to Myself, Dr. Cyborg and Budgetron.  The rest of you are slackers that have some loose wiring.  One robot was so bold as to tell me he couldn't come to this event because he didn't have enough money despite admission being free.  I told him that he was slowly positioning himself for the Louis Tully of Big Shiny Robot! award.  Then, he counter-threatened with shutting the site down this week.  Then I told him he was on the fast track to the Walter Peck award.

Other than that, the night was shaping up nicely.

We got through the Wrath of Kahn which I'd never seen on the big-screen.  The crowd was rowdy and it was a lot of fun.  And maybe it was the rowdy crowd, but upon this viewing of the film, I began to think that The Undiscovered Country might well be my favorite Star Trek movie.  Who knows?

I'll have to watch it in relative solitude to solve that mystery.

But a few drinks later, Kahn was over and we were all ready for the main event.

The Empire Strikes Back.

This is quite possibly the best film ever made.  Period.

It was up to me to provide the DVD of the original theatrical release since no one seemed to have a copy, but we got it in and fired it up.  It was interesting to see how much more reverent the crowd was toward Empire.  The Mystery Science Theatre 3000 jokes were cut in half and the excitement for the movie was palpable in the air.  Soon, General Veers had landed his men on Hoth, we cheered when Wedge exclaimed, "Waaaaghh!  That got 'im!" and we all took a drink.  And then Veers targeted the main power generators, was about to fire and...

The lights went out.  The storm knocked the power out.

And my Empire DVD, of which I'm overly protective of, was stuck in the projector.


Dr. Cyborg and I came up with a back-up plan and opted instead to take in our second viewing of Vicky Cristina Barcelona and call it a night.  I have to give Vicky Cristina Barcelona my highest recommendation to anybody.  It's a masterpiece that Woody Allen pulled out with.

Though today, I'm left trying to figure out how I'm getting my copy of Empire back, though I'll have to bring it back since Empire merely got postponed to next month's Geek Show Movie Night event.  Rumour is it will play after Superman II: The Richard Donner cut.  That could be cool.

Hopefully by then we can work up some kind of more formal partnership with the geekshow, even though one of our robots is already on the panel...  Hopefully we can convert more.

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