Chad Michael Murray is the latest name to be rumoured for the coveted role of Captain America that rightfully belongs to Matt Damon.  I have seen nothing he's been in and have no idea who he is.

This is a stretch, I know...  but we're running this purely as a rumour and that's all it is at this point.

I got some info from an anonymous fellow who frequents some forums that some of us Robot's visit.

This is what he had to say:

So I work in a place outside of LA where some celebrities frequent. Chad Michael Murray is one of these people. He was in the other night and one of his friends with him told me that the casting for Cap is down to Chad and one other person. He didn't tell more who the other person is perhaps he didn't know, but I found it interesting. The friend told me that he'd have to lend Chad all his comics and teach him about the background of the character.

Not a ton of info, but I thought you guys might find it interesting.

Take it with a grain of salt.

Personally, I still want Matt Damon to play him.

What do you guys think?

UPDATE: The fact that he's reading for the role has been confirmed.  Check out our article about it here.

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