Because we've all been waiting for it right? Wait no, no we haven't. But since the Hulk did good lets try it again. From The Hollywood Reporter.

The long-talked-about “Daredevil” reboot finally made its first step forward Friday, with scribe David Scarpa being tapped to pen a story for the Fox/Regency adaptation of the Marvel hero.

After seeing how Marvel resurrected green-skinned hero Hulk only five years after an initial movie, Fox decided to attempt the same with Daredevil. In 2008, Fox co-chairman Tom Rothman said in an interview with IESB that the studio was thinking about a reboot, though he added, “this is the movie business -- nothing is soon.”

Peter Chernin will be one of the producers on the pic.

The plan is to see what kind of script Scarpa comes up with. He wrote “The Day the Earth Stood Still” for Fox as well as the DreamWorks thriller “The Last Castle." If Fox and Regency like what they see, the next step will be to attach a director.

Yup the asshole who wrote The Day the Earth Stood Still's remake script is in charge of your beloved Daredevil. How does that make you feel? I bet not awesome. With Hollywoods new trend I bet it will even be in 3D. I wish I was kidding.

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