Our dear friend Jerk-Bot, a robot deeply embedded in the film and movie industry, has made a few points about the Chris Evans casting news that he's heard around the campfire and they are points that I think are worth repeating.

  1. Chris Evans was simply offered the part. He has not accepted anything yet.

  2. Fox could play spoiler on this one, just like they did when they prevented Emily Blunt from playing the Black Widow in Iron Man 2.  Evans is still contractually obliged to a third Fantastic Four movie if they choose to do one.  Although it's been said they were doing a reboot, it's not inconceivable that they would jump in and keep him cast as Johnny Storm.

  3. It is Jerk-Bot's understanding that Evans might be under contact for a sequel to the Losers as well, if the first one is a success.

  4. Because the studio is offering only $300,000 (a "paupers salary" for so big a role) it's conceivable he might just turn it down.

  5. Word around the campfire is that they still might be testing Kellan Lutz (if his Twilight obligations allow) and Alexander Skarsgard, just in case.

So we can all be as excited as we'd like about the idea of this casting, but we're at a stage where anything can happen.

So, take the Chris Evans news with a grain of salt and wait until you get an official announcement before you go completely insane, one way or the other.

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