Mark Millar has written some of the most popular, best-selling comic books in the last decade.  From Ultimates and Civil War to Old Man Logan and Enemy of the State, Mark Millar has redefined classic characters and relationships of those favorites for a new generation of readers.

When he started work with John Romita, Jr. on Kick-Ass, his own creator-owned book, he had no idea people would latch on to it as much as they have.  In fact, sales of the hardcover Kick-Ass trade (available here on Amazon) just crossed the 100,000 sales mark, which is in incredibly impressive in today's comic market.

Clang! Boom! Steam! and I got the chance to speak to him about Kick-Ass, among other things.  He told us about the genesis of Dave Lizewski, Hit-Girl and Big Daddy, and the differences between the film and the comic-book.  We also talked about his infamous eye-whiskey escapades in Chicago and we talked about the future of the Ultimate Avengers line.  (You can read about that part of the conversation here.)

We talked a lot about influences and Stan Lee and a dozen other things.

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To listen to yesterdays interview with John Romita, Jr., click here.

In the interview, we talked a little bit about the Kick-Ass movie book, it’s available from Titan and you can pick up a copy on Amazon here.

Titan has also been good enough to provide us with a copy to give away to you guys that’s part of the grand prize Kick-Ass contest ending Friday. There will be a full review of the book later in the week as part of our countdown to Kick-Ass!

Kick-Ass is published by Marvel in the US and Titan Books in the UK

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