While Iron Man 2 may be the most anticipated robot movie of the summer, Toy Story really gets my circuits a-blazing.

In fact, 10 years ago when Toy Story 2 came out, I named it the best picture of 1999, just narrowly beating out American Beauty, The Matrix, and Fight Club.  (Sorry, Swank-- The Phantom Menace came in a distant 5th).  And since then, Lassater and Co have only improved on their artistry through films like Monsters Inc, The Incredibles, and last year's tearjerking Up.

And wouldn't you like to see what they're doing?

Well you can-- just go become a fan of TS3 Screenings on Facebook by clicking here, then go find your local college you "attend" and when and where the screening will take place. But beware-- most of these screenings already have confirmed attendees in the hundreds according to their Facebooks RSVPs, and they've bought ad space on Facebook.  These are going to be crowded.  There will likely be riots because too many people will show up to try to see the films. And they are supposedly checking college IDs.

this is not for the faint of heart

That being said, if you feel like braving the crowds, please go enjoy this.  Then make sure you drop us a line here at Big Shiny Robot and tell us how it was.

And we know many of our local Robots are based here in Salt Lake City and Utah County, so I've included the info for your screenings.  Click the links to go to facebook page for the Salt Lake or Orem screenings.

University of Utah, Weber State, Utah State, Westminster, SLCC, et al:

Century 16 in Midvale, Thurs April 22, 8pm

BYU (Go Cougars!) and Utah Valley University

Cinemark University Mall in Orem, Thurs Apr 15, 8pm

As an aside, Citizen-Bot here in Austin will have to sit this one out, as not only does he not have a doppleganger with a Longhorn college ID, but Harry Knowles will likely attend the screening here for University of Texas students, filling up all seats with his Jabba-esque largesse and crowding out all other film-goers.

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