Michael Stackpole, author of some of the best works of expanded universe fiction in the Star Wars line, has come out with a special project that I thought was worth mentioning on Big Shiny Robot!

I was never the biggest fan of Star Wars books, but his always held my interest, captured the feeling of adventure from the movies, and were just a blast to read.

(On a side note, I did do an interview with him back at Dragon*Con that you can listen to here.)

But when he sent me an email about his new project, I knew that I would have to share it with you.  As someone who is a professional writer, Stackpole works hard to advance what a writer is capable of in an audience and in making a living by plying his craft.  To that end, he and a number of his colleagues have created a centralized website where their short stories and serial works can be found.  The website is called "The Chain Story".    The idea is that each of the authors involved has their own audience and by channeling everyone's audience to one place for the stories, they might discover the colleagues of their favorite.  It's a very smart idea.  For now, the offerings are free, but plan on having to pay for content eventually.

Like me, these guys have the radical idea that writers should be paid for their efforts, whether it's digital or in book form and I applaud them for their efforts.  I've been working slowly on getting my own short stories turning a profit and it's not something you can expect a whole lot of success with out of the gate, but these guys have a great idea.  (You can read a lot of my stories for free here, but a lot of them are only excerpts with the full versions available on the Kindle.)

So, if you've enjoyed any of Mike Stackpoles offerings in the Star Wars universe, I'm going to bet that you'll like the stuff he's putting up at the Chain Story.

So, check it out and support these guys.

You'll be glad you did.

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