I am usually working when The Forcecast is live and I haven't dipped my toe into many podcasts, so it was interesting to catch a really big news piece on the one time I listened to the show in the last few months.

Last week, host Jason Swank (no relation) interviewed Matt Wood who is one of the bigshots in audio over at Lucasfilm.  He was also General Grievous in Episode III and he Clone Wars cartoons.  During the interview he dropped this tidbit about Obi-Wan's Krayt Dragon call in A New Hope:

And, to be honest, that sound effect has been changed again. So at some point the audiences will be hearing that scene again with the new sound effect.

He also talked about how whenever they get a chance to remaster the audio for A New Hope they try to do so because it wasn't recorded with longevity in mind.  Over the years they've worked to clean the audio and replace stock sounds.

Some have been wondering what they could be once again remastering and tinkering with the audio for and I think it's pretty obviously the Ultimate Blu-ray collection.

I think we'll see other changes to the films for the Ultimate edition as well.  There have been rumblings of a digital Yoda replacing the puppet in The Phantom Menace and I've even heard a crazy rumour (that I doubt is true) about a revamp of Anakin and Obi-Wan's fight in A New Hope.

The biggest change I'd like to see that I think would create the most goodwill of fans is to see the scene in the Cantina fixed once and for all.  Han fires first.

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Aside from that, what would you like to see changed in the new edition?

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