So we all know that now Joss Whedon if OFFICIALLY directing. Its great, we love it, it makes us happy. Now what the fuck is he going to do to them? What is his Avengers world going to be like? Are Cap and Iron Man going to be friendly? How is a Thunder God going to fit with those two? Well I09 got a little interview with him at the From Dusk Til Con party and we get some info that makes me happy and will probably make you a little happy too.  Heres a little excerpt to whet you appetite and head over to I09 for the full thing.

While working the press line at AMC's From Dusk Till Con, Comic Con party we got the chance to ask Whedon just what he plans to do with The Avengers - specifically with the complicated relationship between Tony Stark and Iron Man.

The JJ and the Joss panel was great. How does it feel to finally be able to talk about The Avengers and have that off your chest?

It is a great relief, to actually just go ahead and say, "I have a problem." To come out to people and say "I'm directing the Avengers." And the first step is admitting it, and hopefully I'll be cured, in two years.

As always go on into the forums and share your thoughts about this development.

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