Incredible Hercules 121

Incredible Hercules 121
– Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente
Artist – Clayton Henry

The buddy-pic adventures of Hercules and kid-genius Amadeus Cho continue as the pair look for some island R&R after saving the world over the last few issues. Even a god needs a vacation, right?

The aptly named "Love and War Part 1" has ample doses of both. Hercules and Prince Namor's cousin Namora seem to be getting along quite well, thank you very much. They're wrestling, comparing holds and generally moving towards gettin' it on. Rarrr. Then they get interrupted by a band of Amazons. Don't think Wonder Woman-type Amazon's though, these are more angry, militant lesbian, rough and tumble looking Amazons. Short hair? Check. Tattoos? Check. Facial piercings? Check. Guns a-blazing? Check.

We’re getting the whole Greek family tree involved these days with Herucles. Brother Ares shows up, his daughter Hippolyta, and her daughter Artume (who’s leading the Amazons). They also pull in some others like Atlas. It’s a good start for a supporting cast. The Atlanteans add a nice counterbalance to the Greeks, and we even get an appearance from the number one son of Atlantis, Namor the Sub-Mariner.

Pak and Van Lente ably keeps the characters distinctive and individual. Henry has good sense of layout and line. The back and forth between Cho and Hercules is witty and quick. I was a bit surprised to see that Herc is being with less of what I call “Thorspeak.” Not a “thee,” “thy,” or “thou” escapes his mouth in throughout the book.

Overall a good read with a nice balance of humor, action and even some low-level nookie. Good on ya Herc.

If I were down to my last 3 dollars, I would still buy this book! -Slugtron

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