UPDATED: Deadline New York broke the story a little while ago. This is confirmed.

It seems as though some major website or another got scooped by Bleeding Cool and they ran a story pretty confidently asserting that Tony Scott will be directing Nemesis, the comic book about a millionaire, playboy super-villain who decides to kill America's best cop.  (Think about Batman if he were a criminal and deciding to match wits against Jim Gordon instead of working with him.)

You can read the whole article here, but here's the meat and potatoes.

I’m told that the announcement is definitely Nemesis being optioned and a director to be named.

The name most mentioned is that it is Tony Scott, director of movies such as Top Gun and Beverley Hills Cop II, is to direct the movie based on his comic book with Steve McNiven, Nemesis, currently on its second issue.

Tony Scott, younger brother of Ridley Scott is also known for directing Crimson Tide The Last Boy Scout,True Romance,  Enemy of the StateMan on Fire and Déjà Vu.

Of all of Mark Millar's properties, I think this one is the best suited for a director like Tony Scott.  It doesn't have the most complex story for him to mangle and it has some of the stupid sort of action that the lesser Scott brother does best.  (Like all that business in issue two with Air Force One?)

If this pans out, expect this movie to be a lot of dumb, cool fun.

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