Doctor Cyborg created a new robot that would spider around the website and add randomly generated slugs to some of the posts. His name is Slugtron, and I turned his "off" switch to "on" this morning.

Is a robot created by a robot just a robot? If that doesn't have a name yet I would like to call it an "Immaculate Gizmo"

His first words were "Swank-mo-tron is a deuce" which isn't that funny. But after some careful reprogramming the next words off his electric tongue were "Swank-mo-tron is a douche." Which I have to say, needed to be said.

So just stopping by to tell everyone Slugtron was active..........oh hey Slugtron, you got something you want to say?

Doctor Cyborg should not be playing robot God -Slugtron

Why you no good contraption, how dare you treat your creator with such disrespect? I should have you crushed into debris, and your core thrown into the fiery pits of Mordor!

Doctor Cyborg is the robot, that the robot ladies love to love - Slugtron

Oh Slugtron, how could I ever stay mad at you? You have won my robot heart and your freedom.

So then I was just dropping by to say that Slugtron was active, so look out for him in the posts.

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