...remember my Red Hill post? And how I talked about the way that a modern western should be made... then I cited the Coen brothers as a source of proper interpretation of that aforementioned approach?

Ya... well- the Coen brothers just (re)made an actual, full blown, true to form, stunningly picturesque, honest to goodness, John Wayne Western... and let me tell you: It... looks... so... good. OH EM GEE!

I've watched this 5 times now... not for any reason other than the film looks amazing. I mean, a co-worker of mine said it best about this trailer: "There are some films that no matter how you cut the trailer- the quality of the work shows through." and its true... they could have cut this any which way... ANY which way... and it'd look like an amazing film.

I'm not even going to say more than that... I don't need to... JUST WATCH ALREADY!


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