The comic book world is full of superheroes. From Superman to Thor, Batman to Iron Man, and The Flash to Spider-Man; they all have qualities that set them apart from each other, but there is probably always one thing you notice first about any superhero: Their costume. Costumes for superheroes are so iconic they can actually make real news headlines when they undergo a drastic change (see: Spider-Man, Superman, Wonder Woman for a few examples) and they represent who the character is, and what they stand for.

While we all have grown up loving the classic Spider-Man blue, red and webbed costume, and Superman's iconic 'S' symbol these are not the only intrepretations of these iconic superheroes out there, and a local geek and comic book fan wants to see these other interpretations - from you!

I just want to . . . give artists a forum to share their interpretive work. - Alex Getts

Alex Getts is a Utah local who is a big fan of comics, namely the art contained within the pages, and he has started a website called Superhero of the Month, and its purpose is to feature re-imagining's of these classic superheroes via monthly contests - each featuring a new hero for you to re-imagine! "I've always loved the concept of sequential art." Getts writes, "I love character design, and founded SHotM to share that with others and give them a regular forum to share their redesigns of classic and lesser-known comic book characters." Each month Superhero of the Month will announce a hero and all you artists (novice and experienced) out there can submit a completely original take on these heroes. Finalists will be chosen and then the public will be able to vote for their favorite; winners of course will receive some pretty awesome prizes!

So, let's get down to business. Superhero of the Month has already announced their first contest. Getts wants to see new interpretations of everyone's favorie sidekick, Robin. "It doesn't matter which incarnation, from Dick Grayson to Damian Wayne. Each character is so interesting because they all have different personalities and I think the way someone designs Dick Grayson as Robin would be reflective of that, whereas Jason Todd may be entirely different due to his attitude." SHotM asks that when you submit your entry you specify which Robin you have re-imagined, and note that there are no restrictions on how someone creates their artistic entry.

The good folks over at Dr. Volt's are sponsoring SHotM's inagural contest and are providing copies of Red Robin vol. 1 & 2 for the winner! So all of you artists out there, grab your gear and get to work! Submissions are due by November 20 and need to be sent to - good luck!

As the contest progresses we will keep you all up to date with finalists and winners from the contest!

You can find even more information about Superhero of the Month and its contests, as well as full submission guidelines over at!

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