With the coming 3D release of the Star Wars saga, one thing we have to look forward to are new trailers for the films for the event.  One of my favorite things about the Special Edition releases (and the prequels) were the trailers that were cut to promote the films.

I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorites.

First we have the original rerelease trailer. It's funny, it's been 10 years since I've watched this trailer, and the opening to it still hits me with the chills and I remember every word. The opening to this is incredibly effective and really brings you into the saga in an incredibly clever way.

Next, we have the rerelease trailer for Empire Strikes Back. This one always hit me a little harder than the last trailer. The movie trailer guy narration works exceedingly well for this sort of trailer. And the last shot with Luke turning his saber off just sucks the breath from me.

And then the Return of the Jedi trailer. This one was my favorite trailer of this batch. It was epic and summed up the film and the tone nicely. I wish I knew the name of the guy who cut these trailers, because he's a master trailer cutter and deserves an award.

So, what's your favorite Star Wars trailer?

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