MTV made a list of the 10 scenes they want to see most in 3D, but I think they missed the mark quite a bit.  They seemed more like they were rushing the article to completion than actually thinking about it.  So I'm presenting my alternate list of scenes from the new Star Wars 3D that I simply can't wait to see.

Instead of limiting myself to ten, I'm going to pick the two biggest from each film, starting with Phantom Menace.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

1 - The Pod Race: I think this is a no-brainer for everyone.  Anyone and everyone who saw this film was taken in by this sequence, even if they didn't like the movie.  It's already an incredibly immersive sequence, but translating it into 3D is going to be mind blowing.

2 - Otoh Gunga and The Bongo Ride: I know everyone is excited about the lightsaber duel with Darth Maul, but the ride from Otoh Gunga to Theed is already pretty spectacular.  If they can add to the feeling of speeding through the underwater worlds of Naboo and properly illustrate the mass of the Sando Aqua Monster and the Colo Claw Fish, this should be a highlight for the 3D conversion.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

1 - Obi-Wan and Jango in the Asteroid Belt: One of the most already breathtaking sequences that would lend itself well to stereoscopic 3D is the dog fight between the Slave I and Obi-wan's Jedi Starfighter.  Just imagine the seismic charges hitting that asteroid and having pieces of it flying across the screen along with the explosion.  The sound design in that scene already gets your head right in the middle of it, 3D would push this sequence over the top.

2 - Everything on Geonosis: From the Droid foundries to Yoda fighting with his lightsaber.  Think of what the 3D would look like for the shots of the Geonosian arena, with the monster fights, with hundreds of Geonosians fleeing into the air, Mace Windu and the Jedi arriving, becoming overwhelmed, and then millions of clones showing up to face off against the droid armies.  It will be tremendous.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

1 - The Opening Space Battle: In 2D I already get the feeling of size and mass watching this battle.  It's almost a complete single shot and when it crests that first battle cruiser and you see the scope of the battle occurring over Coruscant, it's already enough to give you the chills and maybe a touch of Vertigo.  In 3D?  This sequence would be turned up to 11.

2 - Vader Putting the Mask on: There are dozens of other moments that would be great to see in 3D (From Obi-wan's fight with Grievous to the entire duel on Mustafar) but one of the best and most iconic would easily be Vader being built and the mask coming down on him for the first time.  If they can capture the claustrophobia of that more intensely in 3D, that would be one of the most riveting shots in the Saga.  (though, in my opinion it already is.)

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

1 - Han's First Jump into Hyperspace: Does much more need to be said than that?

2 - The Death Star Trench Run: Again, this one is pretty self-explanatory.  The trench run has always had the ability to draw you into it, in 3D you'll actually be Red 5.

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

1 - The Battle of Hoth: This might be the most straightforward land battle in the entire Saga and happens on wide open plains of snow and expanses and the scale of the AT-AT's versus the tiny fighters of the rebels would be heightened to the nth degree in 3D.

2 - The Asteroid Field: The Millennium Falcon weaving in and out of asteroids, evading Tie Fighters?  Sign me up right now.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

1 - The Speeder Bike Chase: This might be the hardest sequence to convert to 3D properly, but if they do it right, this will be one of the most memorable sequences in 3D film history.  Racing through the forest moon of Endor at breakneck speeds on speeder bikes is going to be so amazing to watch, I can't even begin to describe it.  Again, the beauty of Star Wars is that it's already so immersive, 3D is going to be icing on the cake, just like Pixar films.

2 - The Space Battle: The final battle to destroy both the second Death Star and the Empire itself is one of the most thrilling moments in film history.  It's also the most complicated and well-crafted space battle ever committed to film.  It's so deeply layered that 3D is going to raise the stakes on these sequences in a way I don't think anyone could imagine.

What do you guys think?  A better list than MTV's for sure.  What other scenes would you like to see converted?

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