I wrote about the launch of Michael Stackpole's Chain Story back in May and in that time it's grown into something of considerable proportions.

You might remember Mike from his work in the Battletech and Star Wars universes, and more recently he's been blogging at his site and Huffington Post about online publishing and how author's are taking back the reins on publishing from the big publishing houses because they can do it faster, better, with less overhead, and get more money out of it.

One of the primary components to selling material online without the advantages big publishing houses do provide is to build an audience and to bring more and more people to your work.  As one facet of his plan to give author's back the power we've given publishers for so long is to help them connect with the audiences of their peers, hoping to expand the horizons of everyone astute enough to be reading fiction for fun and leisure.  The Chain Story was his way of collaborating with other authors and bringing audiences into one specific place.

The Chain Story is a collection of now 19 stories by different authors that are all framed around fabled adventurers telling their tale in the Wanderer's Club.  It's described thusly:

The Wanderers’ Club has long been established as the preeminent gathering place for those brave and select persons whose lives revolve around the quest for adventure. Before there ever was anything so crude as social networking software and sites, the Wanderers’ Club have provided a convivial meeting place and atmosphere in which peers meet and share the camaraderie known only among those who have risked everything and escaped death with fabulous riches, immortal glory, or simply the clothes on their back.

Here among their fellows, adventurers of every age, gender, persuasion and even species are able to share their adventures. Cautionary tales some, farces others; stories which will chill the very marrow and more than leave listeners breathless; there is no end to the variety of adventures spoken of within these walls.

Stackpole provided the first story in the chain, a unique and fun read called "Night of the Rat God".  There have been many exciting tales in between and I'm proud to let you know that my story, "The Colossus" is the newest in the chain.   The stories are all thrilling adventures, most are very Steampunk in nature.

The art of short fiction is alive and well in the world of online publishing, and it would benefit greatly from your support.  Go check out the Chain Story, read what it has to offer (most importantly, read my story) and if you like it, be sure to keep up with it.

If you're interested, you can also check out my short story site.  I update it monthly with a new short story.

I also wrote about this for IN Magazine and you can read that story here.

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