This seems like completely baseless rumour week in the world of Lucasfilm after Saturday's New Star Wars Trilogy debacle.

Blue Sky Disney (a blogspot of some type) claims to have a source that says LFL will be announcing a 3D conversion of the Indiana Jones saga next month.  Everyone is running the story.  And I'd be glad if it were true.

But Tracy Cannobbio, a Lucasfilm spokesperson, had this to say to me:

This is completely false. Right now, we are totally focused on bringing Star Wars to 3D, and we have no plans to do an Indiana Jones conversion.

And I'm liable to believe her.

The thing I hate about this is that whenever someone starts a rumour about Lucasfilm revisiting a property, the crazies come out of the wordwork and complain about how much they used to love George Lucas properties and how sick they are of him "stealing their cash."  It gets annoying.

Having said that, I don't think Indiana Jones lends itself as well to 3D.  Star Wars is an effects extravaganza, Indiana Jones, for all its adventure, is pretty straight drama.  It would be a lot easier to convert, I suppose, because there isn't as much to convert.

But with as many hands in the Indy pie (Paramount, Spielberg, Ford, Lucas, etc.) I wouldn't expect that LFL would be able to unilaterally decide to do this.  In addition to the official Lucasfilm comment, it's common sense that this wouldn't be happening.

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