As the summary probably warned you, I had no idea this existed until Proletariatron showed me the trailer. In my mind this film has a lot going for it. From the director and writer of Slither we're going to see Rainn Wilson (The Office) playing a man who becomes a super hero on the fly with the help of, Ellen Page (Juno) to reclaim his wife who's run off with Kevin Bacon. Rainn Wilson seems to be a good fit to lead this movie, and Ellen Paige has the right style for a sidekick.

This trailer had me giggling out loud during the 3 times I watched it.

Lucky for you BigShinyReaders! Our very own Citizenbot will be trolling SXSW getting you the inside scoop, and should be getting into a showing of this film, keep a look out here for more information and a review, and don't forget to check out the trailer below. You can also read up on the film at

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