Here it is folks! A brand dick-spanking new episode of Laser Brain! This is actually episode 15 - and, no, episode 14 wasn't skipped, it's that episode 13 was actually episode 14 because the boys from Laser Brain are superstitious and "skipped" episode 13. In my ignorance I labeled the last episode incorrectly, I'm sure I'll have to pay my penance in some sort of homo-erotic fashion. . .

Anyways, if you missed out on "episode 14" I suggest you go back and listend to it prior to listening to this latest episode. I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode of Laser Brain thus far, but I can honestly say these last two are far and away my favorites with the reading of Nick's old love letters. I shit you not when I say this episode almost made me cause a car accident as I was listening to it on my way to work - I was laughing so hard my eyes were tearing up.

Enjoy the latest Laser Brain in which the saga of Nick's relationship via love letters is wrapped up!

Laser Brain Podcast – Episode 14 Episode 15 - "Young Rove 2.0"

In this episode we finish out our journey through Nick's loveless and note-filled past.

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