For those unfamiliar with the first volume of the Incredible Change-bots, go out and buy it now. Hell, if you are as lazy as I am, just go to TopShelf's site and they'll ship it to you. Much like the rest of Jeffrey Brown's books, this series is incredibly funny.

Incredible Change-Bots 2 picks up four years later. Shootertron has lost his memory since the climactic fight in the previous volume.  He stumbles upon an older couple on a farm. They take him in and raise him as one of their own. He even goes to High School and joins the football team, all the while keeping track of his experiences in his own personal diary.

Meanwhile  the Awesomebots (along with some turncoat Fantasticons) have left Earth still searching for a new home. A lot of familiar faces aboard this ship, including my personal favorite Balls (an incredible changing golf cart). By some miscalcuations they crash land on Earth. Again.

Eventually Shootertron realizes who he is and wants to take over the United States government. Will the Awesomebots be able to stop him? Do they care? How will the Fantasticons react to being back on Earth and their former leader being alive?

Obviously to find out, you're gonna need to pick this up. I loved this book. A dash of parody with a whole lot of nostalgia. Lots of great gags. The Incredible Change-bots Two comes out this month.

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