It was only a couple months ago when Nathan Fillion said he would reprise the role of Mal in the cult favorite Firefly if he could buy the rights to the show. The internet went crazy with this news and finally the day has come, the 20 million that was needed to buy the rights to Firefly was raised and Fillion purchased the series from FOX.

Joss Whedon posted this message on his twitter page (@Josswhedon) "Fillion is the man, give me a couple months and season 2 will get started."

Two of the actors of the show also sent in tweets, @Adambaldwin wrote: "I will make time for both Chuck and Firefly" and @Summerglau said, "The Cape is getting canceled so I am there."

This is pretty much the biggest news in the Wheadonverse, season 2 will be in pre-production within the next couple of months and before we know we'll have more episodes of Firefly. Fillion made sure to state his appreciation to the fans and said on his website: "There's no way it'll be canceled twice!"

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