This Top Shelf title comes to us from Robert Venditti, the author of The Surrogates which you may remember as the Bruce Willis movie of the same name. Art duties are taken by Mike Huddleston who has drawn for about every big comic company. Heres a quick example of his work. Put together these two give a compelling story with a very interesting artistic style. Here is the description from Top Shelf to tell you what to expect:

As a leading researcher at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Laura Regan is one of the world’s foremost authorities on viral and bacteriological study. Having dedicated her career to halting the spread of infectious disease, she has always considered herself one of the good guys. But when her research partner is murdered and Laura is blamed for the crime, she finds herself at the heart of a vast and deadly conspiracy.

Aided by three rogue federal agents who believe the government is behind the frame-up, Laura must evade law enforcement, mercenaries, and a team of cyber-detectives who know more about her life than she does—all while trying to expose a sinister plot that will impact the lives of every American.

Set in the Orwellian present, The Homeland Directive confronts one of the vital questions of our time: In an era when technology can either doom or save us, is it possible for personal privacy and national security to coexist?

I'm pretty sure this book was written specifically for me. I work for the government, in fact I work for one of the big alphabet agencies so I was immediately interested. Add in my library of old Tom Clancy books and I was drooling.  Rogue Agents and conspiracy books make for great thrillers and this book didn't let down. What I really liked was the art, each distinct scene had its own distinct background that gave the book a very different feel as I went through the pages. The plot is fast paced and had me eagerly awaiting the next page and setting.[gallery columns="4"]

If you like conspiracy thrillers or have ever thought about privacy and technology in our current world I would definitely pick up with book. Its $14.99 and comes out May 2011.


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