Robin, Birds of Prey and Nightwing are canceled...but why?

According to Newsarama ( three Batman related titles will be canceled with their final issues in February 2009.

The third will be Birds of Prey, currently under Tony Bedard and Micheal O'Hare, which is about a female crimefighting team led by the information broker Oracle, also known as ex-Batgirl Barbara Gordon.

The last issue of Robin will be #183, the last issue of Birds of Prey will be #127 and the last issue of Nightwing will be #183.

DC declined to comment on whether the titles will be relaunched or replaced, or if the cancellations were due to sales. (All titles have decent following, Nightwing the highest at 50 thou, and Birds of Prey the lowest at 21 thou)

When questioned about Robin's cancellation at DC Boards, Fabian Nicieza said this:
"I don't know if you'll find it reassuring, but I will say that from the time I was offered this assignment, I knew what the plans were and more importantly, what the plans would be..."

Considering Nicieza has often said he wants to be on Robin for a long time, this may bode well for hope of the titles relaunch.

This robot's opinion would be the titles are likely going to be relaunched shortly, and the hiatus will have to do with the Batman RIP event. Birds of Prey has the lowest sales, so it may be canceled for good, but both Nightwing and Robin have respectable followings. At any rate, when we know more, it will be reported.

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