Stumbled across this today and I immediately wanted it and wished I had it a year ago. I hate camera straps, I feel like I have to keep one hand on my camera to keep it from bouncing around, the sling type straps are nice but I still feel like I would constantly need to keep a hand on it to stop it from being damaged. So when I see the Capture Camera Clip System on I was hooked. You can clip it to your belt or bag or whatever which I probably wouldn't do while walking around town but I would absolutely do it while hiking or riding my motorcycle. Last year while in Yellowstone I constantly had to pull over, hop off my bike, open up the saddle bag and grab my camera, with this I could clip it onto my backpack and have it ready. The price will be around $70 which isn't bad for the build quality and that most straps are pretty spendy anyway. Also they are already planning accessories and extensions. Watch the video by clicking any of the links below and head over to their Kickstarter to order one.


Capture, by Peak Design from Peter Dering on Vimeo.

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