Dr. Cyborg and Swank-mo-tron will be liveblogging a stack of comic books that they're behind on. They'll be updating this post as they go, so keep checking back frequently.

Might as well assume there are going to be spoilers.

On the list of stuff to review? Astounding Wolfman, BPRD and whatever the hell else they find laying around.

So, let the fun begin.

5:05: Swank-mo-tron here. I'm about to start reading the Astounding Wolf-man. Never read it before actually, which is pretty astounding since I really like Kirkman's stuff.

5:15: Swank here again. I just finished the first issue of Kirkman's Astounding Wolf-Man. I really like the art and it seems like it can go places but I really don't care for the world of tennis lessons and multi-million dollar merger deals. I trust Kirkman enough to make it interesting, but it seemed a lot like the way business is conducted in Neil LaBute movies. You know what I mean? Everyone's filling out reports and turning in various things, but the company doesn't actually do anything.

Either way, we'll see how the series shapes up.

6:06: Dr. Cyborg: I like the first issue of this comic, yeah the tennis stuff seems pretty pointless, but I think the art is cool, and the premise is wide open, This family man is a Were-wolf, and there is a vampire at his house that wants to show him a thing or two, I can't find anything wrong with that.

5:27: Swank-mo-tron here again. I don't know where Dr. Cyborg is. He must have bailed on me. Anyhow, just finished Wolfman #2.

I liked it a lot better than the first one and it had one of those great Kirkman endings. It was also great to see Art, Invincible's tailor, make a guest appearance here. It's great that Kirkman has a universe in the Image Universe that is getting as expansive as the other big comics universes. I also liked Kirkman's take on a rich man's Bat-Cave. How else but having a vampire hypnotize the workers would you be able to keep all that construction secret?

6:25: Dr. Cyborg: Yeah I agree the second issue is better then the first, what I liked about the issue the most was that at the beginning I was saying "I want to be a were-wolf" because they made it out to be so good, and that was cool but then it felt like it was going to be just another super hero book. But by the end they dragged in a harsh dark side to being a were-wolf adding a great X-factor to the book, He can't always control his powers. This issue was great.

All right. #3 on the way.

5:24 : Dr. Cyborg : I just read the first issue of Final Crisis written by Grant Morrison.

I don't know what it is with current DC continuity but every time there are several pages in a row, with a hundred Monitors talking in a room, my brain switches off. This has been going on since Infinite Crisis, and I hope that they stop doing it soon. I wasn't terribly impressed with this issue, but I will read the next one when it comes out. The thing I hate about story's with 20 different super heroes and 20 different super villains is how unfocused they are. They can't stop to build a character so that you care what is happening to them, so they supplement really high stakes so that you can tell what is happening at all. Therefore you have to kill everyones favorite superhero every issue, just so that your reader can remember something that is going on. Sadly I can read books like this all day, muttering to myself "Good guy good, bad guy evil."

6:31: It's Swank. Jesus H. Christ. I wish we could pull some Zatanna shit and make everyone in the DC office forget the word "Crisis." Let it die fellas. This book was dry and boring and I'm wondering why I bought it. I'm sure there are people more into the DC mythos than I am (and I am alot, trust me) that would get off on this, but it just needs to stop. Grant Morrison shouldn't be party to this crap. He should be doing to the DC universe what he did to the X universe, which was ground it in the real world. There's none of that here in this book and it's pretty annoying.

I don't know. Maybe I'd've gotten more out of it if I'd've read Countdown....

5:41: Swank here. Just finished Wolfman #3.


I like where Kirkman is going with the book here. There's a lot more Were-Wolves running around and they have a cool sounding mythology and heirarchy. And hearing frightened Were-Wolves say shit like, "He's Elder Brood," is just really cool sounding. And this leaves lots more unanswered questions. The ending was a little from left field. I'm not so terribly interested in these characters to care that they're losing their house, but we'll see how it gets there. I'm going to read #4 now. After I finish #6, I'll move on to Final Crisis.

6:41: Dr.Cyborg: Half of this issue was the best so far, then the ending was the worst yet. I use to scream Kirkman!!!! Whenever I read a really good cliffhanger, and I suppose I still do, but my point is this, Kirkman might be lazy. I think we might be able to date this poor cliffhanger, with the release of Super Mario Galaxy, coincidence, I don't think so.

5:51: Dr. Cyborg: I just read the new X-force comic book that came out, I have somehow enjoyed this series, even though I have not been reading any of the comics that took place before this series (Endangered species.) the summery at the beginning of the first issue caught me up well enough and the story is easy to follow. I think the art in the book is pretty cool, and I think that this issue #4 is my favorite so far, just because all the stuff with Wolfsbane looks so rad.

6:12: Swank here. I just binged on Wolf-Man #4, 5 and 6.

So, this stuff is textbook Robert Kirkman. He's throwing lots of balls in the air, lots of potential future betrayal, lots of things to contend with and paying them all off in turn. Kirkman also seems to really like the murdered super-hero angle, although Sergent Superior isn't exactly dead. He's undead. There's a big difference there. I'm starting to enjoy the family dynamic more, now, too. It's good to find out that the book is making a monthly schedule now, too. I think I'd go crazy if I'd spent the last year nursing this story along. So, now I'll move along to Final Crisis.

8:20: Dr. Cyborg: I Just finished reading the rest of the Wolf-Man books, and I like the series, although maybe not as much as I liked Walking Dead after the first six issues, but I like it. I really want to know more about his elder brood heritage, but I don't care that much about his family situation. I just think it feels to soon in the book for his wife to be cheating on him, although at the same time I am really excited to see him kill the man she is having an affair with. That will be rad, hopefully it won't be a full moon, but even if it is. I wish that they used the wolf-mans heightened senses more, they just said he had them, but he only goes to help people when he hears an explosion. I want him to smell his wife's affair, this book could be really cool.

Also, just in case you hadn't noticed, when Dr. Cyborg and I cover the same books, we'll keep the comments with the picture of the book and not elsewhere. Just so you know.

6:50: Swank here. We're taking a dinner break. After that, I'm going to break into B.P.R.D. 1946 1-5 and probably Ultimate Human 1-4 and maybe call it a night. That Final Crisis really took a lot of wind out of my sails.

10:42: Swank again. Ok, so I lied. Real life got in the way and then I ended up watching Jaws. Look for reviews of that other stuff later. Maybe next week or sooner.

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