It's been a while since we have heard anything on the Spider-Man front. For a while there we were being inundated with all sorts of cellphone camera footage and images of Spidey jumpin, running, flipping and swinging around.

Now, The Amazing Spider-Man directed by Marc Webb and starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Denis Leary, Chris Zylka, Irrfan Khan, C. Thomas Howell doesn't hit theaters until July 3 of next year, but with Comic-Con right around the corner the studio is definitely making this film's presence known and already seem to be ramping up some excitement for the film.

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly features ol' web-head himself on the cover, donning the suit without the mask.

Another photo released this week is a nice high-res version of Spider-Man sporting the mask.

So now we have some really good shots of the suit - at least from the waist up - showing the textures used, the design their going with, and if your familiar with the comics, where the costume designer got his/her inspiration from.

For me, I see a bit of everything mixed together. For some reason when I look at the suit I still see a bit of "classic" Spider-Man, a bit of Ultimate Spider-Man, and a fair dose of Spider-Man 2099. When chatting about the new suit with Kill-tacular-tron he said, "the costume is a little too [Spider-Man] 2099 for my taste, but it's not awful." I know there are some Spider-Man fans are really displeased with this redesign, but I quite like it. I really thing a lot of care was taken in bringing us a new version of his suit that is something fresh for this new start to the franshise without completely going off the tracks with something that didn't even resemble the classic Spider-Man long johns we've all come to know and love over the years.

As for Garfield, I don't think too many people will dispute he definitely fits the look of Peter Parker. In fact, if I may be so bold to say, he looks more like a Peter Parker to me than Toby Maguire ever did - no we just have to see the treatment of the character on screen to see if the look matches the demeanor and personality; if it does, then I really think they've hit a homerun in casting everyone's favorite nerd-turned-superhero.

In addition to these new images released, there is also a description of the teaser trailer floating around which is supposedly set to be released next week. According to reports the trailer was seen by a Comic-Con employee, and this description was posted to the interwebs. Obviously, if you want to go into the trailer wanting to be surprised, then you may want to skip this.

Trailer opens with Peter Parker [Andrew Garfield] being beaten by bullies, one of which is played by Chris Zylka.

Shots of Dr.Connors [Rhys Ifans] being injected by a greenish fluid in a lab.

Shot of Parker being bitten by a spider,in his own house in what appears to be an attic lab.

Shots of Gwen Stacy’s face, Uncle Ben’s face and Aunt May’s face.

Shot of an alley with Ben [Martin Sheen] and Parker, then one of a dying Ben who utters ‘With Greatest power must come greatest responsibility, never forget that.’

Shot of Parker putting on the costume, camera angle from his back. He turns and is now atop The Empire State Building.

Goes black for a few seconds, we hear some monstrous sounds and cut to Connors’ lab where his foot transforms into a scaly one. Goes black and we hear roars.

Then we see a giant web with the title The Amazing Spider-Man. Coming Next Summer in 3d and Imax.

If the description of this trailer proves to be true, then it sounds like we may be getting another origin story - which isn't terribly surprising, but I kind of hope they blow through it pretty quickly since we have already gotten the origin story in the first Spider-Man film (yes, I know this is a "reboot", my point is most people are familiar with the origin of Spider-Man, let's cover it in a fair, but quick mannor and get on with his story!). There are a few nitpicky things that I'm questioning reading this, like him being bitten by the radioactive spider in his own attic, and Kill-tacular-tron thought the slight changes in Uncle Ben's "With Great Power . . ." statement were a bit "cheesy", but we both agree these are just nitpicky things. I'm fine with some changes to Spider-Man's story if they fit the movie treatment well, and I think we will have a better idea of what to expect once the trailer finally hits.

I'm incredibly optimistic about this reboot of the Spider-Man franshise. I like the director, I like the cast, and from the images I've seen I like the look they are going with. I'm excited to get a "feel" for this movie once the teaser is released next week and I'm really anticipating the July 4 Holiday weekend next year when we get to see our new Spider-Man in action on the big screen and all take to the webs with our final judgements! No pressure, Marc Webb . . .

UPDATE 07/14/11 12:30PM:

Entertainment Weekly has released the photos from inside this issue featured in their Spider-Man piece! Check out the gallery below and share your thoughts in the comments!


Sources: EW, Geek Tyrant, Movie Web

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