It's been really super-crazy the way comic book movie teasers have been leaking the last few days, hasn't it? Well, we've got another one for you today, I'm not sure which movie this trailer is attached to (one would assume Captain America), but it's pretty long for a first trailer, clocking in at about two and a half minutes. Have a look at the muffled, slightly shaky footage and I'll share some thoughts after ward.


So, the first obvious thought is: Really? You're going to tell the origin again? Why? the Raimi movies aren't that old, everyone and his uncle knows how Spidey got his abilities. If they're tying it into Curt Connor's story, or to explain mechanical web-shooters I guess it's justified, but it shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes tops.

Also, we're actually going to get a glimpse into Peter's parents? That's pretty cool. Too bad that Spider-Man is kind of off to the side with other Marvel movies, because using the "Red Skull killed Richard and Mary Parker" would be a cool way to tie them together.

Gwen is brainy Gwen. That's cool, I suppose.

I know Spider-Man can be a brooding character, but he can also be fun-loving and bombastic. The Raimi movies barely had the type of Spidey-brand humor that I'm talking about, and it seems this one is going to follow suit.

The end sequence is admittedly cool. It's like an FPS (First-Person-Spidey)! It also is a good way to convey Spider-Man's moveset without the CGI looking super-fake.

The bottom line of course is that I love Spider-Man and I'll watch this movie regardless of the quality, but if anything else, I am more cautiously optimistic rather than gung-ho over this movie now.  Who knows? Maybe when it's officially released, it'll wow me a bit more. Until then though...

UPDATE: Of course we've got the officially released trailer now.

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