A few weeks back I talked about a kickstarter.com page that had a great idea for a camera holster. Well I got mine in the mail yesterday and I'm so happy I backed the product. 

The Capture is a solid piece of equipment and I dropped it less than 5 minutes after opening and quickly learned it was pretty solid. It has a solid metal construction and a lifetime guarantee so I'm not worried about punishing it. I spent some time trying it on different bags that I have and in different positions to see how it would feel and in most applications it worked pretty well. I think it might get a tad uncomfortable on long hikes but that could be fixed by sliding some foam behind it.

The build quality is great, everything works really well and they have even included a tripod mount so that you don't need to remove the mount from your camera. The piece that mounts to your camera also includes 4 points for a camera strap, with a small scoop on one side to allow for the webbing from the strap. I couldn't get it to work every time, however if you read the comments on this article you will see that the creator has put time into testing this to try and make it work. Those of you with larger cameras (I have a Canon T2i) probably will not have an issue with this.

The units are backordered right now, which isn't surprising as this product became one of the highest funded projects ever on kickstarer.com and they are already planning a few accessories. Right now you can order them for $79.99 at http://peakdesignltd.com/home.htm

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