This week True Blood got good and I'm super excited about it!I left this week's episode saying "Holy cliffhanger Batman!". Let's take a shortened look at what happened!


Katerina goes to Marnie's holding cell to witness Sheriff Patino making a snack out of Marnie. Marnie (possessed by Antonia) makes Sheriff Patino compel Katerina. She calls security down to the cell, then Antonia makes Sheriff Patino kill her for betraying them, and then he goes looking for Bill. There is no mistaking who the lady possessing Marine is, because she says "I am Antonia Gavilán" approximately 36 times this episode.

Pam shows up at Merlotte's, and she's pissed. She begins to beat the crap out of Tara's girlfriend, then works on choking out Tara while suddenly a group of people appear and begin filming Pam's tirade. Pam realizes she can't kill Tara in front of everyone, so she just issues a warning: Don't ever feel like you're safe, because the second you do, Pam will kill you. My favorite part about this scene is when one of the onlookers sees Pam's face and says "Is she a zombie? Are there zombies now?". I mean, c'mon, how far off would it be if there really was? Thanks for poking fun at yourself HBO, I appreciated it!

In Mexico, we figure out that *DUH* Lafayette is a medium. Tio Luca used Lafayette to talk to Jesus, and Lafayette has the magic. Of course Lafayette has the magic! Have you SEEN that fashion sense? That boy can pull off anything.

Debbie and Alcide are inducted into the Shreveport pack. After being welcomed, the werewolves all howl at the moon, and Alcide takes a spot to himself to contemplate Sookie's well being, it being a full moon and all... Debbie (who is actually seemingly becoming a decent human being), tells Alcide that they can go look for here.

As Alcide and Debbie happen upon Miss Stackhouse, what a full moon it is! Eric and Sookie are still getting it on in the woods, and this triggers a tinge of jealousy in Alcide.

Sheriff Patino (still under Antonia's influence), heads up to King Bill's study explains that Antonia is back, and shoots Bill. When Bill doesn't explode into a pile of goo, Sheriff Patino goes for the dagger. As Bill gains the upper hand and asks how it's possible that Antonia is back, S.P. leans forward into the dagger and whispers "Resurrection", then explodes into a gross pile of vampire goo. I never get sick of seeing that. It's like a gross vampire pinata.

Tara and Naomi are in the car, and Naomi is trying to get Tara to go back to Naw Lins with her. Tara, being the fucktard she is, would rather stay in Bon Tomps, because she's not safe anywhere, and at least she'd be saving Naomi by leaving her. Naomi states that she doesn't like Tara Thornton. She wants Toni back. Join the club sister, nobody likes Tara Thornton. At least you get to be done with her, so count your blessings.

Jason is doing the most impressive push ups I've ever seen to try and get the sexy Jessica images out of his head when the doorbell rings, and it's Hoyt! Hoyt is concerned with Jason, having been raped and all, and then Hoyt wants to tell Jason all of the relationship problems he's having with Jess. Jason is a shitty listener. I don't like that people are dumping all over Hoyt this season. It makes me sad for him.

Bill explains the whole Antonia "thing" to Jessica, and explains that the vampires have to bind themselves with silver when they take to ground, so that they won't be able to go to the sun when Antonia casts the spell. Bill summons his sheriffs and tells them they must take the same precautions.

...Eric and Sookie are still banging, only in the house on a rug... When they're finished with that, they have the "Would you still love me if I were the way I use to be" conversation. My teeth could rot because this scene is so sweet. *BARF*

YESSSS! Dr. Ludwig is back! She's giving Pammy a body peel to try and help improve her appearance, although she is still rotting away from the inside. She explains to Pam that she has to have 6 shots a day for forever, if she wants to keep looking good. I'm happy that it seems like Pam will be back to her old self again soon :-)

At the hospital Tommy is fine. That's all you really need to know about this scene.

Bill gives Sookie a bag of silver chains to bind Eric when he goes to ground, that's the jist of this scene...

Sad Tara is walking down the road when Antonia approaches her, and asks for her help with casting the curse on the vamps. She tells Tara to recruit for her, so they can get rid of this vampire problem once and for all. Antonia told Tara she was special, so obviously, Tara will do anything Antonia wants.

At Bill's place the security team is sun-proofing the house and in the cellar, Bill and Jess are being bound by the silver chains. Jessica is screaming in pain, and Bill takes pity on her, and says that the chains that are on her will be enough, and not to put anymore on. This scene makes me super sad, because you truly believe she's in pain, and Jess is still the innocent one on the show.

DOUBLE YES! Ginger is back, and sporting the most elegant "Hustler" tank top. She's been given the task to give Pam her shots, and cover her in silver chain mail and tuck her in to her super adorable pink satin Barbie coffin. I missed ya Ginge!

At Sookie's, she binds Eric, and all I can imagine is how bad it has to smell.

In Mexico, we learn more about Tio Luca, and nobody cares...

Sam calls Luna, and obviously she's pissed. When the two of them meet up they figure out that Tommy is a skin walker (which tooootally sounds gross to me, like "skin flute" or something), and that he slept with Luna. Obviously, Sam's pissed.

At Merlotte's Tara is trying to recruit the other witches, and is telling them to bring a friend to the seance. If I were the friend being asked to commit vampire genocide through a spell, I'd have the person who asked me to help be committed.

Bill and Jess have a super sweet father-daughter chat about life and love, and it reaffirms that Jessica is still the most innocent character on this show. I love this moment between them. I especially love when Jess says that if they make it out of this alive, she'll eat Marnie, starting with her face.

Eric is trying to convince Sook's to take off the silver, and we have a flashback moment to the Fellowship of the Sun church when Eric offered himself up to save Godric and Sookie. More gross sweetness...

Andy shows up at Merlotte's looking for Holly. He's got a dozen Win-Dixie roses for her, and is in a suit (awwwwwwhhhh). He stammers though the first part of the date, then has a total meltdown because he's got V withdrawals. He takes back the roses and leaves. I hope the two of them get a second chance, because they're totally cute.

Lafayette is back from Mexico, and cooking up a storm, when he sees Baby Mikey's French black lady spirit in the kitchen. Lafayette tries to shoo her out, not realizing it's a spirit and not a person. Can't wait to find out who this lady is. *sarcasm*

Debbie and Alcide are doing it, and Debbie is just not that into it. She suspects that Alcide has feelings for Sookie (duh), and he assures her that she doesn't (liar).

At the witch emporium, Antonia explains who she is (again), and they begin their seance. This causes the wind to blow. A lot.

Sam confronts Tommy about Luna, and then attempts to kill Tommy with his own arm. Sam kicks Tommy out, and I can't say that I blame him. However, I have a feeling this is not the last we'll see of Tommy Mickens.

Jason shows up at Sookie's just as the spell begins. The wind blows, and Sookie explains the curse and that Eric will never make it without her. This causes Jason to sprint over to Bills house to be with Jessica.

Pam is screaming to be let out of her Barbie casket, and good Ol' Ginger hops on top of the coffin and rides it like a mechanical bull to keep Pam in.

The vampires are starting to go crazy and walk into the sun, while the witches continue to chant.

At Bill's place, Jessica manages to free herself from the chains (because daddy Bill took pity on her), and she tries to escape. She convinces one of the security guards to try and help her, and when he gets too close, she knocks him out and takes his keys to get out of the cell.

Jason is on a full on sprint when he collides with one of the security agents. As this is happening, Jessica is coming ever closer to opening the front door. You hear a gunshot from outside, and you're left wondering whether Jason shot the guard, or vice versa, just as Jessica opens the front door...

Holy crap. This was the first tome this season that my heart was actually beating out of my chest. The final moments of this episode with Jessica walking into the sun is some of the best True Blood I've ever seen. I sincerely hope they don't kill off Jessica, because that would be the most devastating twist this show has ever thrown at us. Well done HBO, I can't wait until next week.




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