Everyday Sunshine is an emotional introspective into a group of talented musicians who never quite hit it. From a musicians standpoint they had success in almost every facet of the industry, they toured Europe, Japan, the United States, and influenced artists in every genre. The only thing they never quite had was the financial success. This documentary features interviews from musicians I've followed and idolized while growing up, hell I idolize most of them today.

The creative and exciting look into the early world of punk rock that Fishbone helped build is something that a lot of the general public wouldn't have an opportunity to experience. I find it rare that a film pushes me to run out and make changes, but watching "Everyday Sunshine" brought back the same feelings I had the first time I heard punk rock. The music was raw, guttural, fast, poignant, and Fishbone… was everything else. After finishing the film I found myself feeling guilty for not knowing their music, and also seeking out their albums to add to my collection.

I really wish I had a longwinded statement to fill pages to talk about how much I enjoyed this movie, but I simply don't. It was a phenomenally made documentary that turned me on to a band that helped feed a movement that I was a part of throughout my teenage years. The characters are real human beings that are easy to understand and care for. They simply love music, love to share it with others, and don't ever want to give up their dream.

We'll be posting an interview with the directors later today, and the film will be playing at the SLC Film Festival Saturday August 19th at 930 pm at the Tower Theater, and again on Sunday August 20, at midnight at Brewviews Cinema Pub.


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