New Avengers has consistently been a damn fine book, one that puts other superhero team titles to shame. Amidst the chaos that had been building up in the months prior and during Secret Invasion Brian Michael Bendis cranks the volume down and gives us a story that is extremely human. It’s not boring for a second and it reminds us all that even though this is a fictional universe, and our favorite characters have been battling aliens and saving the world, they’re three-dimensional. The plot seems like a bad Weekly World News headline, “Skrulls Stole My Baby!” but Brian Bendis pulls it off. It’s a blast to see the crème de la crème of Marvel superheroes banding together, kicking ass and taking names to find Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ daughter. The art is mediocre compared to past artists on the book but it’s easily overlooked, the script is sharp, fast and doesn’t waste any time. It’s Gone Baby Gone, without all the boring stuff.

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