Temuera Morrison, best known as Jango Fett in the Star Wars saga, appeared on the "Ask the Stars of Star Wars" panel today and was asked about a few different things pertaining to his roles in the saga. I was able to ask him what he felt about hearing his voice in the classic trilogy and how he felt about Dee Bradley Baker's take on his voice in The Clone Wars.

At first, he seemed a bit crestfallen, saying he wished he'd have gotten a call to do The Clone Wars and that he'd have been happy to do it, but was surprised how much it sounds like him sometime. He explained that he really loved doing voice-overs and his first job that brought him to Hollywood was a voice over. He was the voice of New Zealand air and he asked them to pay him not in cash but a flight to Hollywood instead. And that's how the Boba Fett voice in the classic trilogy came about. It was half a day in a studio and he enjoyed doing it. Morrison didn't seem phased by the gravitas of being a part of the classic trilogy now, but he did take that moment to make an announcement.

When asked about upcoming projects, he mentioned a couple of movies in New Zealand he was working on (one called "Fresh Meat" is shooting in November), but he stood up and said he wanted to hunt down Joe Johnston about the Boba Fett movie. "I'd love to do that. Sure, they might want a younger guy, but that's something I'm very interested in."

The more I think about a Boba Fett film, the more I love the idea. I think there's room for Temuera Morrison and Daniel Logan to both play parts and I'd love to see Joe Johnston's take on it.

But that's just one more player pushing for the project. Hopefully we can convince the powers that be that it would be a good idea.

Stay tuned for more reports from Dragon*Con.

Bryan Young is the author of Lost at the Con.

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