Hello all of you dust-collecting-plastic-lovers. It's time for another edition of the Additions to the Nerdorium. September has been more forgiving on my wallet. But, October is going to be mucho espensivo. That's Spanish for, "I can't afford to eat lunch this month." Let's get down to the nitty gritty:

Egon Title

Egon Spengler - "Ready to Believe You"
$20.00 MattyCollector.com

Figures like this are what makes Matty's Ghostbuster's line so special. I'm really happy they are exploring all of these "variants" of our boys in grey. This is the second figure of the "Read to Believe You" set. The first being Ray, the third will be Peter (slated to come out later this Fall). For those who haven't seen Ghostbusters in a while (for shame), above is the snippet from the movie this is in reference to.


• The same quality of detail we've come to expect from Matty.
• Finally Matty is including some extra accessories. This time with three different stages for the PKE Meter.
• The Library ghost! She's the first spook we see on screen and is still one of my favorite.

• Egon's body is another recycled body. This is to be expected with the "Believe You" series.
• I really wish they'd do a new head sculpt on some of these "variant" figures. Essentially this is a recycled head and body.

Halo - Master Chief

Master Chief - Halo 10th Anniversary
$14.99 ToyWiz.com

Oh Halo, I love you so much. The clip above is to prove how awesome I am. On the other hand, McFarlane Toys, you guys kinda suck. Let me some up how buying a McFarlane Halo figure goes down for me 80% of the time (Yes, I did the math):

Step 1: Stumble on a new figure.
"Oh a Halo figure! It's the original Master Chief, but in scale with the rest of my figures. It comes with an Assault Rifle. Not a bad price either. This will make a great desk ornament."

Step 2: Busting open the package.
"Shit yah. I can't wait to set this guy up. Should I have him crouching? Maybe I'll try to make him teabag another one of my figures."

Step 3: Realization of terrible articulation and loose joints.
"What the fuck is this shit? Why does his ankle articulate from left to right instead of front to back? I'm going to need pliers to adjust this. What a bunch of dog shit. Now I can't fit his gun correctly in his hands nor pose him in any dynamic fashion."

Step 4: Acceptance.
"Fuck it. This guy is going to just stand straight up and hold his gun like he does on the cover of the game (as well as the same pose of every other Halo figure I own)."

Step 5: Buyer's remorse.
"Man, why did I buy this? I'm done buying McFarlane Toys."

Step 6: Rinse and repeat.
"Oh a Halo figure! It's the..."

Halo - Master Chief

• Resemblance to the biologically and cybernetically (real word, promise) augmented human we were introduced to ten years ago.
• With each figure in this series you get a piece of the Legendary Shield. Giving you a reason to fight the buyer's remorse.

• Frustrating articulation. No great way to pose this guy. Especially regarding the gun in his hands.
• Only the one accessory. I wish these figures would start coming with a secondary weapon.

Lego Millennium Falcon Title

Millennium Falcon (7965) - LEGO Star Wars
$149.98 ToysRUs.com

Not so long ago, in a toy store in the suburbs of Salt Lake, I stumbled on a re-release of the LEGO Millennium Falcon. With a fat paycheck in my account I thought to myself, "Fuck it." I missed out on the original release of Han's ride and didn't care to pay for the giganto version. You can imagine how excited I was when I saw this on the shelf.

Lego Falcon

• At 1254 pieces, this sucker took me a little over 4 hours to build.
• Great set of mini figs - Han, Chewie, Leia, Luke, Kenobi and Darth Vader.
• It's the Millennium Falcon!

• Lightsaber hilts are no longer chrome. They have been replaced with a standard grey LEGO color. Boo.
• I'm greedy to say so, but a C3PO and R2 mini fig would've been the icing on the cake.
• The cockpit only fits one mini fig. Han must, in fact, ride solo.

In conclusion this month has been far more forgiving. You do the math, I did it earlier for that McFarlane stat. Egon is a wonderful addition to my Matty figures. The Millennium Falcon is gigantic and looks awesome. Master Chief is kind of forgettable. Until next month, or whenever I buy some more nerd shit.

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