Overall, another great episode from the Lucasfilm animation department.

This episode starts with Anakin having been caught by Dooku and Obi-wan leading a rescue mission, but it's all been a ruse to capture Count Dooku.

Like a true Sith Lord, Dooku is one step ahead of them and escapes their trap.

Unfortunately for Dooku, Anakin and Obi-wan damage his ship and he crash lands on a barren rock planet and is captured by Weequayan pirates (but not before he traps Obi-wan and Anakin in a cave, unarmed and left to face a Gundark.)

Ahsoka serves as the cavalry and helps her master and his master escape from the cave just long enough for them to be assigned by the Jedi council to verify that the Weequayan pirates really had captured Dooku before they paid a million credit ransom.

The episode ended mid-story and I was left feeling like there was something missing from the episode, from the ending at least.  It just sort of ended and I wanted the next one.  I understand the idea of leaving them wanting more, but this left me unsettled a little bit.  It left me wanting just a little too much.

Also, I want more Ahsoka.  I really like her and I really like her adventures with Anakin.  I'm going to be disappointed if she's relegated to the sidelines.

The banter between Obi-wan and Anakin was particularly well written and actually had me laughing out loud.  Specifically, their exchange about Anakin being a Master of getting caught. The action was quite well put together in this episode as well, with the first third of it feeling very much like an adventure akin to the first forty minutes of Revenge of the Sith or Return of the Jedi.

The next two thirds had the political intrigue that is well put together in a way that makes me enjoy its intricacies, but not too much that it loses the kids.

The character design of all of the Weequayans and the Kowokian Monkey-Lizard (who teases Anakin throughout the episode with his own lightsaber) were all a cut above, the looked really good and the production design of their clothes and gear, from the leaders turtle helmet and green glasses to their banquet hall, was all fantastic.

My favorite moment of the episode, though?  I really liked the moment in the market when one Weequay shoves a Jawa into another Pirate and a fist fight breaks out.  It was pretty funny.

Next episode looks good.  This episode ends with Anakin and Obi-wan captured by the Pirates themselves and the next episode is them trying to escape.  The problem is that they're both tethered to Dooku (just like Down By Law, which you should watch) and the only help from the Republic they have is...  Jar Jar.

It looks great.

See you next week.

Also, check back tomorrow to see who won the Clone Wars contest.

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