If you aren’t you reading Old Man Logan than you’re a Goddamn idiot. This is a story that is near perfect. It’s got everything you could ask for in a comic; a post apocalyptic American road trip chock full of underground mutants that eat cities, biker gangs and two old, ex-superheroes. Beyond that, we’ve been covering this fucking book like a groupie’s mouth on Jon Bon Jovi’s dick, telling you that this is one of the best comics out right now, which leads me to deduct: not only are you an idiot for not reading it, but an asshole, and most likely a child pornographer. There is one solution and that is to read this comic. Old Man Logan is so good, if you brought it to the hospital and rubbed it on your grandmother she’d be out of the hospital within a day. It’s clinically proven to cure cancer and various STDs. But, then that’s what happens when you pick up a book written by Mark Millar. Like most Scots he has magical powers, not unlike that of Dr. Strange. In fact, Mark Millar, who was born in Coatbridge, Scotland, is nearly 150 years old, and was the inspiration behind Stan Lee’s famous master of the mystic arts. Millar decided to break into comics in the late 1980’s when he saw the success Lee had using his likeness into the medium. But, that’s neither here nor there, this isn’t about how Mark Millar can turn straw into gold or is a walking one-man orgy, it’s about you being a dick for not reading Old Man Logan. If your parents knew that you weren’t reading this book they would remove you from their will. Barack Obama is president elect because he’s been reading this book and George W. Bush has had such low approval ratings because he’s not been reading it. It’s science. So, please, for your sake, for your sick grandmother’s sake, read Old Man Logan. You still have time.

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