"It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Wolverine! wait, er, What?...."

No, That isn't Wolverine. That is Henry Cavill as Superman in the much awaited Zach Snyder Superman film Man of Steel due out in 2013. This image is thanks to the good folks at craveonline.com . In particular the fabulous Lorraine Louie, a craveonline reader who snapped these from the set itself. Lorraine - every human that appreciates the male form thanks you.

Being that Zach Snyder's films typically lean towards the gratuitous and titillating it was only a matter of time before one could figure we would see such images. Personally I am excited to see what this film is gonna be like. Snyder has no problem with dark stories. So my curiosity lies in as to how much of the clean shaven and upright citizen that Big Blue is typically depicted as is going to appear in this film.

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