Dragon Age: Redemption premiered today on youtube and has already garnered 66,000 views as of 5PM. The show is the first of its kind -  the main character, Tallis, has been taken from the Dragon Age II video game and made star of a web series based on her quest. Felicia Day had been approached by Bioware and personally put a lot of time and effort into the project, and so far the web series is looking fantastic!

Felicia Day said on her blog about the new series:

"I believe this is the first time a project has taken a character from a web series into a video game as a playable character, and if you know me, you probably can tell that I am more incentivized by innovation rather than pay checks :) As a big Dragon Age fan I am thrilled to be able to use their epic fantasy universe to tell a story I created, and then live IN their universe as the character.  I did full mo-cap and vocal recording, over 12 hours worth, so this is a truly innovative project.  I really hope you enjoy that adventure, Tallis is a fun character to play with!"

The first episode is fun and shows a bit of a dark side to Tallis, an elvin assassin who must succeed in her quest or risk losing everything - including her freedom. If you're playing Dragon Age II - you'll note that this storyline takes place alongside the story in the game, and that Tallis is now available as a playable character in the DLC  Mark of the Assassin. Watch the first episode here and let us know your thoughts!


Don't forget to check out our upcoming New York Comic Con coverage later this week! We'll be bringing you a very cool interview with Ms. Day herself. Let us know here if there are any questions you'd like us to ask!

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