Before Fed-ex tossed this on my porch, I was caring around 1: Jeep key 1: Crossfire key 1: House key 1: Mailbox key 1: IronKey USB. All of these on a keyring with a remote start fob and a Xbox 360 GPU (I did a neat addition to make my keys aesthetically pleasing). With the Keyport you won't have the jingle jangle of keys in your pocket or ever feel like a janitor .

The Keyport comes with the main body, 6 nodes and a selection of keys and other utilities. The nodes are clicked into place on the side of the key, then the key is slid into the body of the Keyport. All of the keys come in raw form and will need to be taken to a local locksmith to get cut to match the originals. Keyport offers a vast selection of keys for just about anything you need to unlock or start. The process of ordering the correct keys could not be more simple. You print out the key form fill in the info, place your keys on the identified spaces and then snap a picture. The picture is then emailed to their in house locksmiths to identify and then fulfill your order with the correct keys. Keyport also have a great selection of auto keys, even chipped keys. You can get a cool new Keyport and a chipped key for less than the cost of most dealer replacement keys.

The Keyport I received had my car keys, mailbox key, house key, LED light, Bottle opener and a 8GB USB drive. With a chipped car key taking up two slots that will leave you with 4 slots to use on any of the other slots. I have everything except the bottle opener in my Keyport setup. I found the bottle opener to be a bit of a pain.  For some reason they decided not to allow this slide to lock out like others do, so when pressure is applied the slide slips back into the Keyport. I found this to be very annoying. The usb works fantastic as well as the LED light. The light is bright enough to use to find something in the dark at close range. I found that its not quite bright enough to be used as a flash light to walk in the dark. When it came time for me to get the keys cut I took the blades to the fantastic guys at Superior Locksmith in West Jordan, UT. They have top of the line equipment, they are one of the few places around me that will cut Mercedes keys. The owner Dave did a fantastic job on all of the keys. The whole process was simple and painless.

My Jeep has a OBP (On Board Programmable OBP) system. This allows you to program a new key and chip by using two previously programed keys. With your 2 keys and a few very simple steps the Keyport slides it’s way into your ignition cylinder and easily starts the engine. I found the whole programing process to take less than 2 minuets.

The Keyport also comes with a quick release lanyard string to attach a key fob or a remote start remote. I use an AutoPage alarm with remote start on my Crossfire so I have it attached on the lanyard. You can also use this for anything else you can think of. I let my fiancé use the Keyport for a few weeks & she, like myself, now prefers the Keyport to her old keyring.

One thing that I have noticed to be a pain is that there is no way to unclip the Keyport while your car is running to use the other keys. I drive up to get my mail which requires me to completely turn my car off and remove the Keyport to get my mail. Hopefully they will integrate a solution for this. I have spoken to some of the guys at Keyport and they are very excited about their product. Every time I had a conversation with them they were shooting ideas to me of future plans of new slides. They are a huge pleasure to speak with and a great help with getting any issues resolved. We should see a lot more cool stuff coming from them in the future!

So if you need a new key, love simple designs or just want it because its kick ass, head on over to Keyport and start your order. I am officially hooked to the Keyport! I use it everyday and I will not be going back to my old janitor ways.

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