Happy Halloween Roboteers! We here at BSR all hope you're having a good time today with the tricking, treating and miscellaneous spooky activities. A question comes to mind though... What are you going to do when the festivities are over and you still are full of Halloween spirit? Sure, you could pop in a Hammer Horror film or listen to Monster Mash for the billionth time (and you really can't go wrong with either), but for those of you who want a new All Hallow's Eve tradition, we've a suggestion from you...

That's right, comics! In particular, we want to offer you the chance to win a free copy of Dracula the Unconquered #1! This comic begins a  new digital comic paradigm that addresses the problems inherent with digital as it stands now, namely the digital rights management and the price. The book is written by the ghastly Chris Sims, drawn by the vampiric Steve Downer with lettering from the unholy talent of Josh Krach. Drac the Unconquered takes place in the early days of the 20th century and the resurrection of 'ol Fang Face himself. A 6-page preview can be viewed here.

Now here's the skinny. We're giving away 5 copies of this fine publication to five lucky readers. Why? Well, honestly, it's because the whole project is incredibly ambitious, and something I see personally as a giant step in the right direction for digital comics as a whole. $1 for 24 pages of Dracul-Action is frankly, a steal. I'm hoping that even if you don't win the contest, you'll give the book a shot, and support the work of independent creators. Trust me, the preview is great, but the real meat of the story is contained in the full issue. I don't want to give the story away, but Drac himself gives a certain Belmont clan a run for their money in the whip-wielding department, and there is a truly epic battle to be had as well!

Honestly, I can't praise this book enough. as first issues go, this one has everything you need. It has action, the premise is set up, and you're introduced to the principle characters. Best of all, it's done in such a way that it never comes off as an exposition dump, but at the same time even if you don't know Dracula from Adam, you can jump in and enjoy the book just the same! Highly recommended all around.

OK, I've pontificated and praised the book enough, I'm sure you all want to know how to win the damn thing. That's really easy. Just add a comment, post on the facebook page for this story or just outright email me at "shaz at bigshinyrobot.com" with your favorite interpretation of Dracula, and why it's your favorite. Please Note: Since this is a digital giveaway I'll need your email address regardless of how you enter. This will also be a quick contest, I'll only be taking entries until midnight (CST) tonight! The contest is open to anyone in the world (the magic of digital giveaways), so get your entries in asap!

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