Apparently, DC is going to be putting out a Batwoman book. It's been written by Greg Rucka, whom I like, but sometimes writes boring comics.

I think this is the same Batwoman that we saw in 52, which I hated, although I like the idea of a new Batwoman. The thing about her is this: I have no idea who it is?

Maybe Sasha Bordeaux?

The only reason I would speculate that is because Greg Rucka is writing it and I believe this Batwoman has red hair, but Sasha has blonde hair, Checkmate might have surely done something to her hair. But also she was turned half OMAC, I assume since that sucked they might just forget about it, or else maybe there is a cure?

In either case, the story doesn't end there, this new Batwoman is also allegedly a lesbian. I'm not certain, but I think I would give this book a chance, it might be okay.

Anyone else have a guess whom the mysterious Batwoman might be?

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