It's being reported that Joe Simon, half of the team that created Captain America and revolutionized the comics industry, has passed away. He was 98 years old.

As of late, he's been working with Titan Books to put out collections of some of his great but lesser known comics in genres that aren't as well represented in comics today as they used to be. The most recent was a collection of his Crime comics. They've been a pleasure to read.

You should also check out his recent autobiography, My Life in Comics. It was a fun read and really delves into his contributions to comics, particularly those that seem largely forgotten in this day and age.

It's always sad to see one of the greats go, and few were greater than Joe Simon. He will be missed.

Our very own Jeff Vice (Jerk-Bot) had an opportunity to talk with him on Big Shiny Robot!s behalf last year. You should go back and read that interview.

From that interview:

BSR!: How do you think your work and contributions will be perceived years down the road?

JS: Better? [laughs] I hope people continue to enjoy the stories for as long as they can, and for as long as Titan Books puts up with us.

Jerk-Bot had this to say of his passing: It was my great pleasure to interview him this year. One of the true greats, and a class act. The industry is dimmed by his loss ...

Miss Mecha was on hand at NYCC and filmed a roomful of comics fans singing the late Mr. Simon Happy Birthday for the last time:

[Source: Comics Beat]

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