Ladies with Spirit

I've said before that I'm nervous about Frank Miller's attempt to bring Will Eisner's The Spirit to the big screen. Christmas day is when we'll find out for sure, but until then we'll have to take what the studio hands us in the way of trailers, photos, and posters. Lately the goods have been coming on a pretty regular basis, with an emphasis on the lovely ladies that will be appearing in the film. We've seen a couple of posters so far, including a one-sheet that evokes Eisner a bit, a ready-for-action posed Eva Mendes as Sand Seraf, as well as some production photos of Samuel L. Jackson as the villianous Octopus, and Scarlett Johannson as the leather-clad Silken Floss. Let's just say things have been easy on the eyes so far.

This week Lionsgate gives us a poster made up of shots of Mendes, Johannson, and the previously unseen Jaime King (Lorelei Rox) and Sarah Poulson (Ellen Dolan). But it gets better. This is no ordinary poster. Roll you mouse over each of the lovely ladies and you'll hear them deliver a line of dialogue from the film. Nice touch. I'm still a nervous about quality of the final product, but so far so good.

Click here for the talking Spirit poster on Yahoo Movies.

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