Do you do the dew?

You might want to think twice about it.

In recently released court papers by the Smoking Gun, a man claimed to have found a dead mouse in his Mountain Dew. Which is really gross enough, but in their defense, Pepsi-co says it's not possible. Not because there's no way mice could get into Mountain Dew, but because the Dew would dissolve it:

Defending itself from a lawsuit claiming that an Illinois man found a dead mouse inside a can of Mountain Dew, PepsiCo contends that a rodent would have disintegrated and been transformed into a “jelly-like” substance between the time of the soft drink’s bottling and the day the plaintiff reportedly purchased the soda from a vending machine at his office.

Mountain Dew seems to be the beverage choice of gamers for some reason. Maybe it's just Mountain Dew's successful marketing campaign to ensure that happens. In either case, this is a stark reminder of how bad soda is for you. If Mountain Dew will dissolve a whole mouse, what will it do to your stomach in the long term?

Here's shocking more detail about how it would dissolve:

According to McGill, if a mouse is submerged in Mountain Dew between four and seven days, the rodent “will have no calcium in its bones and bony structures.” During those days of soft drink immersion, “the mouse’s abdominal structure will rupture.” Additionally, “its cranial cavity (head) is also likely to rupture within that time period,” McGill noted.

After 30 days exposure to Mountain Dew, “all of the mouse’s structures” would have disintegrated to the point that it would not be recognizable. In fact, “the mouse will have been transformed into a ‘jelly-like’ substance.” The only part of the rodent that could possibly survive, added McGill, was “a portion of the tail.”

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