An astoundingly brief and equally maddening tease showed up on the interwebs, teasing some sort of return for Ferris Bueller on Feb 5th. . . which just happens to be the day after Super Bowl Sunday.

Some sources have pointed to this likely being an ad for Honda, who have internally talked about Matthew Broderick being in a Super Bowl ad for them. Supposedly on the agenda? Recreating inconic scenes from the original John Hughes movie with Honda vehicles: the jump while playing the Star Wars theme by the parking lot attendants?  Now instead of a classic 1961 Ferrari GT California, it will be a CR-V.

And the ringmaster for all of this mayhem? The director of The Hangover, Todd Phillips.

Unfortunate, but more or less what we expect from corporate America and the orgy of commercialism that is the Super Bowl.

What do you robots think? The internet got all excited about the possibility of a new Ferris Bueller movie-- is this worth rebooting? Or should we leave Ferris alone?

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