Imagine Forrest Gump, but Forest is covered in a living being that wants him to eat people. That's the feeling Ultimate Spider-man 123 gives off.

This issue was fucking awesome. For anyone not read Ultimate Spider-Man, this is a great jumping on point. Or for anyone who's wanted to read a Spidey book and didn't know which one to jump on, this is it. #123 follows Eddie Brock confessing to stranger on a park bench just what he's been up to since his run in with our favorite web head.

For those jumping on now, I'll give you a brief summary of Ultimate Venom. Eddie and Peter's fathers worked together as scientist trying to develop a cure for cancer. Basically a body suit that would be worn by the patient, and it would help them fend off the unwanted mutant cells. Of course it didn't work out that way. The suit proved more useful as a weapon than a medicinal Armani suit. Shortly after this discovery the government steps in and takes over. Peter's Dad performs a couple heroics to stop the powers at be from stealing the suit.

Fast forward 13 years or so: Peter starts hanging out with Eddie (who's in college). They decide they should complete their father's work to cure cancer. I'm sure you can all guess what happens next. And if not, go pick up the trade or play Ultimate Spider-Man on the Xbox.

I can't say it enough, everyone should be reading this book. It is by far the best Ultimate title; if not the best MARVEL title.

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