On April 1st the first episode of Ultimate Spider-Man will air on Disney XD. While I am very excited to hear my favorite comic book is getting turned into a television series, the fact that it's on Disney worries me. Ultimate Spider-Man is a pretty mature comic with lots of mature themes. Sure, at the heart of the comic is a teenager in tights saving New Yorkers from criminals. But for me, the stuff that really makes the comic shine are those not-so-kiddy conversations. For instance, the issue where Peter and MJ discuss wether or not they should consummate their relationship.

That said, I am very interested to see how they handle this. Spectacular Spider-Man was a really amazing rendition of Spider-Man on the small screen. Keeping this character alive on television is just another great way to introduce lots of young folks to the wonderful world of comics. Spider-Man: The Animated Series is what introduced me to the Marvel universe. It's probably a big part of the reason I read comics today.

On Free Comic Book Day, Marvel is releasing an introduction to this television series via comic book. Kinda funny, creating a new comic to kick off a TV series based off of another comic book. Press release is included below:

The most-anticipated new show of 2012 is almost here—Ultimate Spider-Man swings into the Marvel Universe block on Disney XD on April 1, giving fans of all ages a whole new look at the world’s greatest Super Hero! But you can get your first look at this all-new animated series in Ultimate Spider-Man Premiere, a screen capture comic book adaptation of the premiere episode, utilizing the same story and art you’ll see on the small screen, but presented like you won’t see anywhere else. This comic is perfect for fans of all ages and a must-have item to have in stock for Free Comic Book Day!

Retailers, check the Marvel Mailer and Diamond Daily for more information on Ultimate Spider-Man Premiere (NOV118181), arriving in stores March 28.



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