"CFB was founded as a network of concerned Gothamites who keep a watchful eye out for thugs, robbers and worse. These should be the targets of public scorn, not us. We are a peaceful organization that operates within the confines of the law and we always have. Don’t believe the hype; CFB is here to help Batman without hurting anyone, we’re here to clean up this town and we’re here to stay!

It's like a bad dream. Gotham citizens are under attack. We've been attacked, robbed, knifed, assaulted, even murdered."

The Dark Knight viral campaign rolls on with the group Citizens for Batman! Comicbookresources.com received a package yesterday from the organization identifying itself as Citizens for Batman. The contents of the package contained stickers, a T-shirt and keychain, along with a small note from a Brian Douglass. The letter stated as follows (click picture to view bigger):

You can visit citizensforbatman.org, where there is a countdown clock and a blog tracking the Batman’s activities. This comes on the heels of Comicbookresources.com receiving a prior package which contained a letter and a rubber Batman mask, you can view their story on the first package here.

What will this "major show of force" be? How many people will subsequently be arrested due to this? We will keep you updated as information becomes available!

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