Surfing through the internet, I happened upon an online, early release of the Gotham Knight, which doesn't street until Tuesday (which Swank-mo-tron will undoubtedly cover in his regular column.)  You too can see it here.  If you buy lots of DVD's or are a certified nerd, you'll be buying this anyway and might want to wait until you pick up the DVD.  If you're like me and want to save some coin, click the link and steal it.

Anyhow,  it was overall pretty good.  Everything really depended on the artist and some of the stories didn't suit the Batman mythos.  The action involved was hit or miss based on the artist, too.  All the stories were at least pretty cool although they made Deadshot a pussy.

Think of the story with Killer Croc will make you realize why I think some of the art didn't suit the world.  He looked like human blob.

Scarecrow was pretty cool looking though.

All of this stuff happens in the Batman Begins universe so this is a great primer to get you even more pumped for The Dark Knight.  And it was really, really great to have Kevin Conroy back as the voice of Batman and that really went a long way to sell this to me.

Hands down, the coolest story was the story about the police.  Crispus Allen spent an episode doubting the Bat and then ends up getting saved by him.  I imagine this changes his tune.

Overall, this is worth checking out, even if you only check out the link above.  And it was way better than the animatrix.

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