The Halo 4 key art was revealed today through community interaction.  32 different numbered and vertical images were sent out via email.  Each image was just a snippet of the overall image to be formed.  I received number 18 and 27.  I got an extra one for being a part of the community press releases from 343.  Here they are:

By the time I found them in my email, I hit my favorite Halo community, HaloGAF, and found that within an hour it was already put together forming an awesome scene feature Master Chief.  This art will go onto become the cover art for Halo 4 in some form, as well as be used in various campaigns.

It looks pretty awesome, and its been getting praise unanimously across the internet.  Halo 4 takes place on a shield world called Requiem, which is pictured in the background and seems to be sucking everything in.  In this picture, "everything" appears to be debris, Master Chief, and 3 ships.  On the left is the Forward Unto Dawn, the ship which Master Chief is on at the ending of Halo 3 and is seen drifting near the shield world in the Legendary ending of the game.  On the right we see what appears to be a Covenant ship, and above that smaller or further away mystery ship.  I'm not sure what that ship is, but it could be the UNSC Infinity. The ship all the multiplayer components of the game will take place on.  Perhaps it will play a role in the single player campaign as well and will be sucked into Requiem.  The Covenant ship is interesting.  We know the Covenant are not the main enemy, but that they will be in the game.  It looks like they'll be having some ship trouble and will be stranded inside Requiem with the Chief and Cortana.

The only thing I can see that is wrong with this image, is that Chief is holding an AR, so I've made a new one a BR instead.  I've also added a new slogan to go with it because Master Chief is clearly no longer sleeping.

Halo 4 is still aways out, but E3 is approaching fast and Halo 4 is said to be playing a large role there this year.

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